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My new company: Fair Seas Supply Co.

Hello, hello! Long time no talk.

You may recall that back in February I wrote about Factory45, an online program that helps aspiring entrepreneurs start their own sustainable apparel company from idea to launch.

I was so intrigued and inspired by the program that I decided to enroll myself! For the last six months or so I’ve been working on developing a collection of round, organic Turkish cotton beach blankets that are sewn here in California.

If you’re not familiar with Turkish towels, they’re amazing for their style and versatility. You can use them as beach, pool or bath towels, a stylish throw in your home, or a picnic blanket. They are lightweight, get softer with every wash, are super absorbent and quick drying.

My new company, Fair Seas Supply Co., officially launches this Monday, November 30. If you’d like to learn more (and get an exclusive discount when we launch!) sign up for emails here:

In the meantime, enjoy a few pictures from our photo shoot below!

I will likely not have time to continue regularly posting here for awhile (I also juggle a full time job), but I hope to be able to devote more time to Organically You in the near future!







Kickstarter Campaign for Victor Athletics: Organic Cotton, USA made apparel

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept of crowdfunding creative projects on Kickstarter. If you think it’s crazy-pants and don’t see how the concept could work, well then get a load of this: according to the Kickstarter website they’ve had 8.3 million people pledge more than $1.6 billion, funding 81,000 creative projects. Whaaaat. That’s pretty cool. People can be awesome. I’ve personally never put any money towards a Kickstarter campaign…until now. Abby from … Read More


Dream of Starting Your Own Apparel Company? With Factory45, You can!


This year has been all about creativity and taking action.  I’ve got big dreams guys, and they’re gonna happen (and yes, I might be listening to Beyonce right now). But, seriously…now is the time to Can I get an Amen?! Welllll…. If you’re like me and have ever dreamed of starting a sustainable apparel company (that’s a normal goal, right?), I stumbled across the most amazing class ever: Factory45. And guess what…applications are open NOW … Read More


Yoga & Pilates: what’s the difference anyway?

Yoga or Pilates

While I regularly go to Pilates classes and have gone to plenty of Yoga classes, I probably couldn’t explain how each is really different from each other (aside from the fact that the Pilates reformer machine allows me to work out on my back half the time which is a-ok with me). So, when Health Perch reached out and shared their awesome infographic detailing the differences between Pilates and Yoga, I thought you’d … Read More


Don’t think, just do.

Don't think, just do.

Heyyyyy guys. I know it’s been awhile, but I’m back! Truth be told, I needed a little break and wanted to live a little without thinking about everything as a potential blog post. I started Organically You almost a year ago pretty much on impulse, which is pretty much how I make all major decisions. I realized I wanted to live a healthier, more natural life and I thought well, I’ve got some spare time … Read More


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

2014 was a pretty awesome and action packed year.  I started a new job, moved to a new neighborhood, started a blog, sent my boyfriend tons of care packages during his deployment and (very) happily welcomed him home. I also welcomed a new baby nephew into the world, learned another new nephew was on it’s way (my sisters are busy gals!), celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday and had many many more … Read More


10 Easy Last Minute DIY Holiday Gifts

10 Easy Last Minute DIY Holiday Gifts

I’m a total procrastinator when it comes to buying my Christmas gifts. I even wrap my gifts on the morning of Christmas Day. I mean, it’s just tradition at this point. This year my sister’s and I decided to do DIY gifts for each other. They’re more fun and personal and the best part is I don’t have to brave the mall on Christmas Eve this year! If you have last … Read More


4 Tips To Help You Have A Green Winter

Dreaming of a green winter

It’s funny how living a more simple life can sometimes feel more difficult. You’d think eating whole raw foods with less ingredients would be easier than eating processed junk, but it’s not. You’d expect that living a more minimalist lifestyle would be easy, but you still find yourself surrounded by piles and piles of stuff…everywhere. Ugh. Why isn’t simple… simple?! Let’s be honest, the holidays don’t make any of this … Read More