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How To Get Rid Of Those Super Annoying Fruit Flies

-- How To Naturally Get Rid Of Fruit Flies ---- How To Naturally Get Rid Of Fruit Flies --

-- How To Naturally Get Rid Of Fruit Flies ---- How To Naturally Get Rid Of Fruit Flies --

It is a VERY hot 85 degrees here in San Diego today and I’m thinking this means we’re in for quite the heat wave this summer.

I am definitely not complaining (although I may have been earlier when I was outside dripping sweat at the Farmers Market).  Hot weather is generally awesome. The heat means it’s time to bust out the bikini and get ready for beach days and BBQ’s. I could have used a few more weeks to prep for bikini time, but again, I won’t complain. I know it’s in the 60’s in other parts of the country.

Aside from the sweaty mess I become, there are some other downsides to the hot temperatures. As the weather heats up, my windows stay open and in come the fruit flies. Ugh. I don’t know who would actually like a fruit fly, but I absolutely despise them. There is something about them that just makes me feel dirty.

I had some girlfriends over for pizza the other night and we were getting swarmed by fruit flies. I don’t know if my friends were judging me, but I was judging myself.  I was embarrassed in the way one would be embarrassed if they had adult lice. I mean, it’s not like I don’t take out my trash or clean my apartment, I just always have fresh fruit in my fruit bowl. The little suckers love my fruit bowl.

I finally snapped last weekend. I brought home a couple of grapefruit  and within minutes there was an army of them invading my kitchen. Not OK. It was time for them to meet their maker.


I did a little googling, and what do you know…my new best friend apple cider vinegar came to the rescue. There were a couple of suggestions on how to naturally make war with this pest and, to be honest, I went with the easiest way. I had little patience at this point and was ready to position myself for battle.

Here’s what I did:

First: I put my fruit in the fridge to eliminate any distractions. These flies have one-track minds.

Second: I put about an inch of apple cider vinegar in a small jar with a couple drops of dish soap.

Third: I set my alarm for an hour to see the results.

-- Dish Soap + Apple Cider Vinegar = Fruit Fly Killer ---- Dish Soap + Apple Cider Vinegar = Fruit Fly Killer --

When I looked at the results I was both simultaneously thrilled and grossed out.  I mean, HURRAY! I won the battle!! But, EWWW!! THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM! It was like a massive fruit fly massacre had just occurred on my countertop.

This will not be the last fruit fly siege upon my kitchen, nor will it be the last time I whip out the apple cider vinegar. But, alas, I have found a weapon that is a worthy opponent against the ever-present and ever-annoying fruit fly.

Fruit fly… I dare you to come back.

-- Before & After Vinegar Fruit Fly Trap ---- Before & After Vinegar Fruit Fly Trap --